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New Lawn

When you need a new lawn, or to refurbish a diseased/damaged/dead existing one, there’s no quicker, easier or more successful way to lay it than to use ready-grown mats of lawn turf.

Here at TNS Ground Works we have laid acres of lush lawn turf over the years. We source our guaranteed weed-free turf from local growers who use a tried and trusted mix of general-purpose grass seed to suit most garden situations. We can source special turf like fine, shade tolerant or wildflower turf if required.

With lawns remaining a quintessential favourite in British gardens, no matter their size, ready grown turfs are the best option for laying lawn.

Grass seed may be less expensive, but it can only be sown at certain times of the year and takes many months to begin to cover the area. While grass seed is germinating and growing it needs a great deal of care and attention. Turf, however, gives full coverage as soon as it is laid, which can be at any time of year, and all it takes from then on is watering to become established.

Turfing Preparation

On the face of it, turfing a lawn is a simple process. All you do is unroll the mats of turf, pat them into place, tamp them down, and there you go!

Actually, turfing a lawn that will stay happy and healthy for years takes a great deal more work and effort than you might think, which is why it is best to have it carried out by turfing professionals like TNS Ground Works.

The secret of success for lawn turfing lies in the ground preparation. This is something we excel at. We make sure we clear the lawn area of weeds, debris, sticks, stones and anything else that may spoil your new lawn. We then dig out the area to a depth of a few inches, and if necessary (if the soil is poor) add some quality topsoil, before raking it all over.

We make sure the lawn area is level, apply a pre-turfing fertiliser, leave the soil slightly rough and crumbly, then water it thoroughly, before laying the turf.

Let us lay yourLawn.



Once we have turfed your lawn area, you should avoid walking on it for a couple of weeks, and keep it watered every day for about 10 days, reducing watering as the roots become established, and then stop watering it at all.

You can check when the roots have established by gentling lifting a corner of the turf to see if it is securely anchored into the ground.

After two or three weeks the new lawn can be mown for the first time.

The TNS lawn experts are always available to answer your questions about your freshly laid turf. We’re renowned for our friendly customer service, and we’re happy to give you free advice about your lawn or any other landscaping issues.

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